BIG DIPPER (Kinetic installation, 2015)

Big Dipper is a kinetic light sculpture. Suspended in space, it creates a hypnotic sensation with its undulating white neon lights, whose movements are reminiscent of a propeller or a wave. By naming his work after a constellation, the Big Dipper, Michael Candy alludes to the origin of all life, evoking the creation of matter and light’s journey through the universe.

The sculpture from Poland was commissioned by the WRO Art Center to be part of the 2015 Polish Media Art Biennale. Collection WRO Art Center.

Michael Candy

MICHAEL-CANDY_portrait Born in 1990 in South Africa; lives and works in Australia. He studied at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, where he obtained a diploma in Fine Arts and Industrial Design in 2013. Focusing his artistic work on electromechanical technologies, Michael Candy creates machines and sculptures in movement, which question our society from an ecological and sociological point of view. In May 2015, Big Dipper won the 2015 WRO Award at the 16th Media Art Biennial at Wroclaw, in Poland.


  • © Michaël Candy

  • © Michaël Candy

  • © Michaël Candy


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