The coming world

Since opening, Le Cube has been committed to working alongside creative people who take the risk of breaking new paths. It has delved into the fertile field of new forms of expression, presenting over a thousand international artists to the public over the past thirteen years. Today, Le Cube is reaffirming its support for artists from every kind of background by staging an International Award for Digital Creation, which highlights the iconic approaches of leading-edge art.

In only a few decades, artwork has gone from a closed object or a linear narrative to being interactive, open, participative, behavioural and generative. The extraordinary feats of information technology mean that artworks can now see, hear, feel, analyse and interact with their environment. They react to the input of viewers who have become an integral part of the creative process.

A whole family of digital characters now enter our imaginations, and through them we prepare ourselves to tackle a new world. A world where time and space are abolished, where knowledge abounds and is shared, and where, as Patrick Viveret puts it, “the cooperative other replaces the competitive ego.” Digital creation is a strong vehicle for otherness. Through play with connections, it transcends our relationship with the world and stimulates our empathy. It calls on our own creativity through the experience of “being in movement”, which plays out in the here and now. Virtual art brings us back to the present; it is a door to new dimensions of reality.

Art is a kind of scout that explores the techniques of its time, and sheds a clearer light on the changes within it. Through its richness and diversity, digital creation is a formidable melting pot of perceptible experiences and human interactions. Beyond the renewal it brings, this vitality above all indicates the desire to perpetuate an age-old approach: situating Man in the movement of his time, and giving a shared meaning to the coming world.


Président of Le Cube