LJÓS (Audiovisual and generative installation, 2014)

An invitation to a hypnotic, poetic contemplation halfway between natural and artificial light, Ljós makes us realise our inability to master the immaterial. Fragile and mysterious entities, two light prisms are shown in a constant flow of exchanges that is nonetheless cyclical, like the seasons or the passing days. The accumulated energy burns and crackles, and is materia- lised as a kind of aurora borealis constantly renewed by video projection (mapping video), here used to produce not images but light.

Barthélemy Antoine-Lœff

Barthelemy-Antoine-Loeff-photo-Vinciane-VerguethenBorn in 1982; lives and works in Paris.
Film director and new media artist Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff explores fragile aspects of the world in the form of installations and performances. He stages immersive, poetic audiovisual experiences and endeavours to make the unseen visible. Inspired by the mechanisms of dreams and nurtured on Sixties and Seventies Italian film and kinetic art, he creates precarious, temporary balances that can be disrupted in a fraction of a second. He is also the co-founder, with Philippe Chaurand, of the digital art/stage art collective Iduun.

  • © Barthélemy-Antoine-Loeff

  • © Cedric Chevallier

  • © Barthélemy-Antoine-Loeff


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