A message from the elected representatives

Grand Paris Seine Ouest: a creative and digital territory

The “digital, creative and sustainable city” is inventing itself in the eight cities of “Grand Paris Seine Ouest”. At the very core of today’s urban changes, digital technologies are revolutionising daily life and the structure of society.

Cities are evolving: they are becoming intelligent, “smart cities” that reinvent the relationship between inhabitants and public areas through new forms of expression, dialogue and interaction, and construct a new representation of the city.

“Grand Paris Seine Ouest” began supporting digital artistic creation through Le Cube in 2010. The Prix Cube, the international digital art prize, puts “Grand Paris Seine Ouest” more than ever at the heart of innovation and artistic excellence.

Pierre-Christophe BAGUET
President of Grand Paris Seine Ouest
Mayor of Boulogne-Billancourt

Jean-Jacques GUILLET
Vice-President of Grand Paris Seine Ouest
In charge of Digital Development
Député and Mayor of Chaville

Former minister
Vice-President of Grand Paris Seine Ouest
Député and Mayor of Issy-les-Moulineaux