Nova Jiang (New zealand)

Ideogenetic Machine (interactive installation, 2013)

Ideogenetic Machine is an interactive installation that projects the visitor inside a generative comic strip. The viewer’s image is captured in real time and directly transformed into a “line-drawing” style of picture. Empty speech bubbles are integrated in the story so that viewers can write their own dialogue after the experience. The comic strip they create is then sent to them by email. Each viewer thus becomes the creator and actor in their own comic strip.

Nova Jiang

Born in 1985 in Dalian, China, and brought up in Auckland, New Zealand, Nova Jiang now lives and works in New York, USA. She graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Auckland in 2007 and the University of Los Angeles (Design Media Arts) in 2009. Her installations invite people to participate creatively in a hands-on way, with interactions giving free rein to improvisation and an obviously joyous disorder. Ideogenetic Machine received an honourable mention in the Prix Ars Electronica in 2012.

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