Julian Palacz (Austria)

ALGORITHMIC SEARCH FOR LOVE (Installation interactive, Austria, 2010)

Algorithmic Search for Love is a new type of search engine. For example, if you enter a search for “I love you,” Julian Palacz’s installation will search through a personal database, designed by the artist, for all video sequences extracted from films in which those words are uttered. By broadcasting them end to end in real time on the screen, a new audiovisual story emerges for the viewer.

Julian Palacz

Born in 1983 in Leoben, Austria, Julian Palacz lives and works in Vienna. A graduate in digital art at the University of Applied Fine Arts in Vienna (2010), he has already taken part in over 20 group exhibitions and festivals within and outside Austria (Brazil, Germany, Turkey, etc.). He has also featured in several solo exhibitions in Austria, notably in 2012 at the “Das Weisse Haus” art centre in Vienna. Algorithmic Search for Love won an award in 2011 at the Maia International Festival in Portugal, and received an honourable mention at the Prix Ars Electronica.


2013 artists nominated