Joanie Lemercier – AntiVJ (France)

EYJAFJALLAJOKULL (audiovisual installation, 2010)

Inspired by the Icelandic volcano that disrupted international air traffic in April 2010, Eyjafjallajokull is an audiovisual incarnation of mapping. Using subtle lighting effects projected on a wall directly painted by the artist, a wireframe landscape slowly emerges, making play with optical illusions that disrupt our perceptions of space.

Joanie Lemercier – AntiVJ

Born in 1982 in Pithiviers (France), Joanie Lemercier lives and works in London. He started to diversify his graphic art work with different formats (large-scale graffiti and painting, video projections in clubs and art galleries). Quickly discovered by the British electronic scene, he has worked in many clubs and festivals around the country and across Europe. He helped organise an audiovisual evening in Bristol, Cuisine, to which he invited many of his favourite visual artists. He started presenting his first audiovisual installations in 2006. Together with other European artists, he created [ANTIVJ] in 2007.

The work of this visual label is based on the use of light projected into a 3D space and its perception by the viewer. [ANTIVJ] focuses on producing and developing installations, live audiovisual shows and architectural projections. The label’s various projects have since been presented at many international festivals.


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