Lia Giraud and Alexis de Raphélis (France)

IMMERSION Live audiovisual installation, 2014.

Co-author : Alexis de Raphélis

Like a laboratory that viewers can enter, Immersion is an independent set-up that changes through flow exchanges, capture and regulation, enabling the formation of a living image. This living image, made up of micro-algae, interacts in real time with the projection of a film tracing the life of Hidetosho, a man whose destiny is to “become an alga”.

Temporium / Living image : Lia Giraud; Movie : Alexis de Raphélis; Movie interface Temporium : Benoît Verjat.
Immersion is supported by :Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains, Paris Sciences et Lettres*, EnsadLab, Fondation Vevey, Ville d’Images, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Supélec.

Lia Giraud

Lia Giraud born in 1985, lives and works in Paris, France.
Visual artist Lia Giraud graduated from the ENSAD decorative arts school in 2011. Her work as a documentary photographer and video-maker has led her to question mankind’s relationship with images, and make the evolution of this relationship visible. In 2010, she began to focus more specifically on the influence of new digital representation methods, exploring the porosity of the barriers between the biological and digital.

Alexis de Raphélis

After studying interior architecture at ESAG in Paris and at the Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen, Alexis de Raphaélis began as a strip cartoonist in 2008, then went to live in Japan in order to write and draw. In 2012, he was an artist in residence at Le Fresnoy.

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